Posted by: apriyandi | February 11, 2011

unand blog competition..

I hope u all known about this competition..

poor u if u didn’t know it…

actually this competition has done and the winner has been published in this official blog.. click here to see !

here, I just tell that there were 2 winner that get fresh money…$_$

there were several categories of members and winner..

so, check it out……


the winner of blog unand competition….

1. student

* 1st : Nanda Rizki, Mahasiswa Sistem Komputer

* 2nd : Arif Zaenury Ichsan, Mahasiswa Sistem Komputer

2. lecture and teenage

* 1st : Surya Afnarius, Dosen Fakultas Teknik

* 2nd : Ampera Warman.SE.MM, Kasubag Lembaga Penelitian Unand

3. addition categorizes

* the most active Blog : Nur’aini, Ilmu Keperawatan,

* the most creative Blog : Ikrim Maizana, SMAN 1 Pariaman

* the best writings : Apriyandi, Farmasi


one things that made happy that there was a pharmacy studenwon that competition…


and the winner is me..

no hoax okay…

I hope this will make us like to read and write…

go go blogging…!!!



  1. Congratulation, bro..

    I’m so proud of u.. at least there was pharmacist and PEC’er can compete in writing and blogging site..

    great.. 🙂

  2. congrat for ryan!!
    and all of the winner

  3. Congrat pulo ciek luwh…

  4. Nice blog. Loved all the posts. Thanks

    AKZ management

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